Transit Visa Costs

Transit Visa Application Costs

There is a fee to apply for a Transit Visa using this website.

Fees are as follows:

Cambodia Government Transit Visa Processing Fee$15 USD
Cambodia card processing fee$3 USD
Processing Fee using this website$50 USD

Please note that each traveller requires their own Transit Visa. Fees listed are per application per passport holder.

Currency Notes

For convenience to global travellers, all fees will be charged in USD (US Dollars).

We accept all major credit cards via our secure PCI compliant payment gateway. The actual exchange rate into your local currency may vary, and your card issuer may charge a fee for currency conversion if applicable.


Cambodia Visa Authority is not affiliated with the Kingdom of Cambodia government. It is is an independent agency specializing in Cambodia visa applications. e-Visas may be available from the Cambodian government at a lower cost if applied for directly. Our services include a secure visa application portal, application checks and verification, support and government liaison through the application process, and help if your application is disapproved.