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Terms & Conditions The Terms and Conditions of http://immigrationcambodia.com/ apply between you, the user of this site, and Visa Authority Ltd, the owner of this site. You automatically agree with the Terms and Conditions of this website upon your first visit here. In case you do not agree to observe our Terms and Conditions, you must stop using this site immediately. The Terms and Conditions are applicable to general customers and business customers alike.

This website is owned and operated by Visa Authority Ltd, resisted in the United Kingdom Company number 09479863. Registered office address at Visa Authority Ltd, 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU, United Kingdom.


Visa Authority Ltd is a private UK company specializing in visa and immigration services to a variety of countries. We are not affiliated with the Cambodian government. Ultimate decisions as to any and all visa application grants lies only with the Cambodian government.  If you do not wish to engage us to apply on your behalf, do not complete this application.  We employ experienced visa agents to act a visa application agents on your behalf to help ensure that your visa application is successful and as easy-to-complete as possible before you embark on your travels.


You must be over 16 years to use the services provided by this site. No payment information must be provided by you without the consent of an adult.


You should observe the following while using the services of this website –

Submitting content (text, image, videos, graphics, software or any other form of information) which is unlawful or objectionable is prohibited.

The use of obscene or vulgar language is prohibited. This includes anything abusive, defamatory, threatening, sexist or racist.

You must not submit content that might lead to violence or might hurt the sentiments of any group.

We have the rights to record, store and monitor any information, content or communication made through/on our website.

We reserve the right to make copies of any communication made to/using our system.

We advise you submit information and communicate with us using English language so that we may meet your needs better.

You must not impersonate a member belonging/affiliated to Visa Authority Ltd in any manner under any circumstances.

Any details or information you send to us using our system may be modified at any time by us. You will not be informed of the occurrence of any such modifications made by us. If you wish to place any restrictions on this, you must dispatch a communication about the same to us in advance. However, we do not guarantee to conform to any such request.


The content on this site, including, but not limited to, texts, images, videos, graphics, software, icons, logos and page layout is the property of Visa Authority Ltd, our affiliates and other parties. Content uploaded by users will not be included under Intellectual Property of Visa Authority Ltd. Unless expressly mentioned otherwise, you may not reproduce, copy, store, record, distribute or use our content in any other fashion. The content on this website, excluding content uploaded by users, is protected by laws of the United Kingdom and other International IPR laws. Additionally, the distributors or manufacturers of the Intellectual Property on this website have the Copyright and Trademarks of the products distributed by them as may be applicable.


For services which do not lead to a purchase you may not be required to provide payments details. By using this website, you warrant and represent that all information provided by you is true and accurate. You agree to update your data if a change of circumstances occurs. Please note that an order for purchase can be cancelled only up until the time of commencement of the delivery of services.


By using our website services, it is agreed that you shall accept mails from us regarding service, visa application, confirmation or other important details. You are required to provide correct and true information. Visa Authority Ltd is not responsible for any issues that may come up due to incorrect or falsified information provided by you while using our services.Visa Authority Ltd will not accept responsibility if an applicant is not eligible for the services requested, for incorrect/incomplete information provided by the applicant, for failure to produce proof of identity as and when required or for any similar errors.

Neither Visa Authority Ltd nor http://immigrationcambodia.com/ is affiliated or part of any official agency or government body. The pricing of services in this website are keeping with the current standards for a given service. No reforms will be made on the pricing as stated on this website on the behest of an applicant. If there should be a change in the pricing of a given service requested by the applicant, and it has already been dispatched by Visa Authority Ltd, the original price at the time of placing the order will apply.


No order shall be dispatched until you receive written confirmation from Visa Authority Ltd about the same via e-mail, post or SMS. You will not receive an order confirmation unless the complete payment has been made, or a payment as mentioned by Visa Authority Ltd has been made. Visa Authority Ltd will endeavour to do its best to deliver your order on time. We are not responsible for any error that occurs in the application, such as providing incorrect phone number or address. Upon receiving your order, if you find that the service does not conform to what you stated in the contract, kindly inform us of the error within 10 days of your receiving the service. Visa Authority Ltd will ensure that appropriate amendments are made within 7 working days.


You may place a link to the home page of this site, i.e. http://immigrationcambodia.com/, without permission. Those who wish to place a link on the inner pages of this site will need permission from  Visa Authority Ltd. You may find links to other websites on this site. Unless expressly stated so, these links are in no way related to us. We are not responsible for the content of these websites. We do not warrant for the information provided on these websites.


Visa Authority Ltd reserves the right to change/modify in full or part, the terms and conditions of this website in accordance with the laws, or as required by Visa Authority Ltd. You will have accepted these terms and conditions upon your first use of this website after the changes have been made. The changes to terms and conditions made by Visa Authority Ltd at any given time will automatically apply to the future as well as any pending orders. In case the current terms and conditions conflict with those of a previous version, the provisions of the current version will apply unless explicitly stated otherwise. In the event you fail to claim or exercise your rights as mentioned in the terms and conditions, it shall not be deciphered as a waiver of those rights or remedies. We provide no guarantee that the information provided on this website is current or accurate. We do not warrant that this website will fit particular purposes.Visa Authority Ltd is not responsible for non-availability of this website at any given time due to external failures such as equipment failure, communication network failure, natural events, power failure, disruption due to war or unrest, legal and censorship reasons.


All communication and notices shall be given to us either by post on our address, or via email. Receiving of these notices will vary depending upon the day the post was sent (working, weekend or public holiday) and on the type of service used to send the post.


The Terms and Conditions apply to you an Visa Authority Ltd and will be governed by the laws of England and Wales. Visa Authority Ltd and you, the user, agree to conform to these laws. The usage of the website shall be deemed illegal if used for unlawful activities like usage involving breach of laws, using the site for fraudulent activities like impersonation, using the site to spread malicious malware, viruses and harmful materials


Visa Authority Ltd can be contacted by email help@cambodiavisaauthority.com or in writing at website address:

Visa Authority Ltd
20 Priory Road
United Kingdom.

Should you have any concerns regarding an order please do get in touch and we will endeavour to resolve any issues or concerns.


Users of our services are protected by the distance selling regulation. Should you wish for a refund please send a request via email to payments@camobdiavisaauthority.com

  • A full refund shall be given to any customers for whom we have not yet processed the order.
  • A full refund shall be given if your visa application is unsuccessful and we cannot assist further to ensure its approval.
  • If your order has been processed and a visa issued, a full refund shall be offered less the visa cost and a $5 USD administration fee.
  • Refunds are processed within two working days of request, and will usually appear on your credit or debit card statement seven days after processing.