Work Permits

Cambodia is an increasingly popular country for foreign nationals to work – especially English speakers who may find their skills in demand both from educational institutions, and from private sector employers in Cambodia’s growing export economy.

The work permit process for Cambodia is fluid, complicated, and full of potential pitfalls.  However, once successfully gained, a Cambodia work permit is flexible, and almost infinitely renewable at a very modest cost.

What you will need:

  1. A valid Category E Working Visa
  2. A Passport of sufficient validity with 6 months validity past the end of your intended stay in Cambodia
  3. Two passport photos taken within the last 12 months
  4. The ability to pay the fee: currently $65 USD.  (NOTE: This fee is NOT in Bhat.)
  5. The ability to pay the renewal fee: currently $100 USD per calendar year.  (NOTE: This fee is NOT in Bhat.)
  6. Details of your current address

You DO NOT need

  1. An employers reference, although this is helpful


Visa Authority will assist you in lodging your application with the Ministry of Labour, and negotiating your yearly renewal fee.  Given the complicated and fluid work permit situation, professional visa agent assistance is recommended.

To begin, please complete our Work Permit assessment.

Work Permit Assessment